On a radio station near you …

In April and May on Sirius XM’s “On Broadway” channel, host Bill Rudman devoted four of his “On the Aisle” programs to conversations with me about the Encyclopedia! Now those programs are available to public radio stations, where they air as FOOTLIGHT PARADE. On most stations they’ll air on the weekends of July 17-18 and 24-25, as well as August 21-22 and 28-29. Use this link (https://www.musicaltheaterproject.org/footlight-parade.html) for a list of stations that carry the show. Look for one of them in your vicinity, and check their listings for the specific time Bill’s program airs. (In some cases it’s on days other than weekends). Bill, a serious authority about musical theater, and I had great conversations about Sondheim and his shows, and he provided numerous musical interludes serve to illustrate our topics. It was great to chat with him, and I hope you enjoy listening in!

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