Cincy Shakes and Know Theatre reviews

Over the past week I’ve seen two productions that I enjoyed. LIGHT CHASERS, Andrew Hungerford’s swan song as he ends his decade-long tenure as Know’s artistic director, is a piece he’s reportedly worked on for ten years. Crafted from songs comprising an album by Cloud Culture, it’s a story about families and belonging — through an astrophysical lens (hey, Andrew has a degree in that, so there’s some theory behind this complicated tale. Here’s my Talkin’ Broadway review.

And if you prefer something classical, Cincinnati Shakespeare just opened a very entertaining staging of MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING. That’s a well titled piece of general silliness, but with a lot of with — from the original text, as well as Jeremy Dubin’s humorous staging. Kelly Mengelkoch and Geoffrey Warren Barnes II are the sparring partners, Beatrice & Benedick, and Carey Davenport leads a team of doofus “law enforcement” goofballs. I reviewed this one for Talkin’ Broadway, too. Check it out.

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